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The Fremantle Society has engaged in a large number of campaigns in its 47 year history—and succeeded in many of them—as recounted by the Davidsons in their book, Fighting for Fremantle: The Fremantle Society Story (2010) >

Some of the buildings saved—according to their record—include Victoria Hall, the Fremantle Prison, the Railway Station, some of the Warders Cottages, the Fremantle Markets, the Literary Institute (Evan Davies building/Dome), the Fire Station, the Orient Hotel, the State Ships building, and Dalkeith House on Queens Square.

A 2020 campaign concerns the 1939 Traffic Bridge. It is about to be superseded (at last) by a new one (as suggested in this City Council 2019 concept plan), and the Society is interested in future possibilities for the use of the existing bridge.

The latest campaign is to reveal, conserve and display some of the wooden blocks with which many of Fremantle's older streets were paved, and which in some cases are still in situ under the modern paving, as in Mouat and Phillimore Streets, for example.

Garry Gillard | New: 18 May, 2018 | Now: 20 August, 2020